UPStartup Conclave 2019 will be attended by series of many eminent attendees from startup community (already working startups and ideation stage), investor community, incubators community, Government Officials, Top Bureaucrats, Banks and Loaning Institutions, IT Service Providers and Facilitators, Corporate and Regulatory Bodies, Spectators, Educational Institutes, Student Community, etc. By professionalizing the startup industry together, we support the entrepreneurial superstars of tomorrow! Welcome to UPStartup Conclave 2019.

UPStartup Conclave 2019 – The Biggest Startup Event in Uttar Pradesh!

UPStartup Conclave 2019 – The Biggest Startup Event in Uttar Pradesh!

Ever wished that you had an opportunity to pitch your idea to a jury and got valuable feedback? In most cases, entrepreneurs and startup founders in early stage, lack the necessary guidance in pursuing their vision. And that is where ‘THE UPSTARTUP CONCLAVE’ will help by increasing the knowledge of young entrepreneurs through speaker’s insights and experiences that contribute to help young minds to innovate and bring social impact causing disruption in target markets.


The purpose of the UPStartup Conclave 2019  is to create and promote ecosystem by bringing together all the stakeholders at one platform and gearing to spur on economic development through empowering Startups in UP. With more and more ecosystem partners and investors joining The UPStartup Conclave, it will undoubtedly be the biggest startup event in Uttar Pradesh, just like the UP Investor Summit.


The aim of the second edition of the UPStartup Conclave 2019 is to give a platform to young minds, budding entrepreneurs, and real startups to showcase their innovative product ideas, pitch-in to the best investors and incubators in India and win rewards, accolade and prize-money.

The platform enables founders to present their ideas at whatever stage they might be, starting from idea level to revenue generation to a panel comprising of successful founders, investors and incubators to get genuine validation for their business model. This session will address budding entrepreneurs and students to understand the challenges, mistakes and their learning’s in the course of their journey.


In the free, 1 day session, UPStartup Conclave will help startups in Uttar Pradesh identify and understand the important qualities that are necessary for success and what entrepreneurs need to do to ensure that they develop these qualities. Startup Co-Founders and wannabe Entrepreneurs will gain a better understanding of the qualities and where you stand in improving them. The UPStartup Conclave will also comprise a workshop that will give a holistic approach for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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